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The BPP™ program has been developed by, which is the leader in programming and commitment to introducing, preparing and launching kids into business at an early age. has been developing business curriculum since 2000 and has provided online programming to over 2,000,000 users internationally.



Founded by social entrepreneur and author Jeff M. Brown. Author of "The Kids' Guide to Business" and "Strategies for Parenting: The Road to Independence" and Teaching Kids Business: Why, What,When, Where, How & Impact. Founder of and  


Our business programming is not only related to running a business, but more importantly develops skills and valuable experiences for all people who will work in a business. The experiences and business skills developed in our program, will enhance a traditional education and every day life.



Our Business Preparation Program is very committed to preparing our future business leaders. We sincerely believe our educational program will teach kids in new ways to; think, gain perspective and to work with others.


Users will understand the skills they currently have and require to do what they want to do, and to succeed in their working lives. The idea of engaging kids in the understanding of business at an early age, will enrich their lives with skills and self-confidence. Business education will develop a better opportunity for kids to understand themselves in the context of the many possibilities they have in their future.



Everyone will enter the business world as a consumer or work in a business, at some point in their live. BPP goal is to provide a business preparation program to help equip kids with the necessary skills and knowledge, to make the right choice for their future, and to be prepared to succeed.



As the leader in teaching kids business, our programming has expanded internationally with translations in markets such as China and Japan through our book the "The Kids Guide To Business." This book is a helpful tool to provide an overview of business while introducing many business principles which are demonstrated in a lemonade stand business - roadside kiosk business.



 Our website provides extensive free programming to introduce kids to many aspects of business.