Introductory Business Education

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The Business Preparation Program curriculum is delivered using a number of approaches;


  • Games
  • Independent and group discussions - Introduce a concept, discuss with independent & group activities
  • Project Based Learning - Example: create a product commercial
  • Research based learning – research businesses, products, industries and countries
  • Experience based learning – in-class jobs, start a business and business lunch program
  • Perspective learning. Draw on your own experiences as a consumer. Think as a stakeholder - worker, customer, supplier, and business
  • Video seminars


Our approach has been developed by examining parenting, traditional teaching techniques, business training techniques, sports programming and youth programming. We have taken an integration of approaches to provide kids, teachers and parents with business preparation programming - curriculum to teach kids business.


All skills and experiences learned through our program, can be used as daily life skills, to improve performance in school, to improve as a consumer and prepare for business.